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Our Instructors for Raw Epiphany 2018:


Khadijah is a diverse international performer/instructor of Arabic and Central Asian Folklore dances. She has become a highly sought after performer, instructor and choreographer due to her unique energetic style. She currently resides in Denver, CO. Khadijah can be seen performing at many 5 star Middle Eastern restaurants, including The Clock tower cabaret and many other establishments around Colorado and beyond. She is continuously traveling, studying and seeking knowledge on a regular basis with the worlds most renowned dancers and musicians of Middle-Eastern/Central Asian Dance and Music! 

She has been featured in BellyDance magazine (California), BellyDance TV (California), Al Seha TV (Cairo), Univision (Colorado), The Denver Post (Colorado), TV appearances with HBO and more! Her unique, energetic in combination with great athleticism and grace is deeply rooted in tradition, has made her amazing signature style popular worldwide. 


Donna Mejia

As a transnational fusion dance artist, Donna Mejia distinctive aesthetic dialogs the secular dances of North Africa and the Arab World with American Hip Hop dance and sub-genres of electronic dance. Donna also teaches the Brazilian Silvestre Dance Technique and is a primary representative after twenty years of practice. Donna received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Smith College on full fellowship, has been a guest artist in residence for eighteen colleges. In October of 2011 she was selected by the Fulbright Association to present the 2011 Selma Jeanne Cohen Endowed lecture for International Scholarship in Dance, notably for her paper “Digital Diasporas and Transnational Dance Communities: The Effects of the Internet on Identity Formation and Collective Cultural Memory.” She joined the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Theatre and Dance department in 2012 as the first Assistant Professor of tribal fusion dance globally. Donna continued her research on Digital Diasporas by producing the first academic Viral Dance Colloquium in 2014 (CU Boulder) and is currently working on several writing projects. 

Larry Southhall

Larry Southall holds an MFA in Performance and Choreography from the
University of Colorado. A native of the Bronx, NY, he began working with
hip-hop dance forms in the early 1980's. He has worked with the Boulder
Ballet, The Harambee African Dance Ensemble, Blue Moon Dance
Company, Motion Underground, Longmont Symphony and Dance Theatre,
Cleo Parker Robinson Summer Institute, Denver school of the Arts, and
Steamboat Springs Dance Theatre. He has served as a master teacher at
Dance Place in Washington, D.C., at Slippery Rock University, and for the
American College Dance Festival. Larry has choreographed for the Native
Tongue Dance Theatre, Skeleton Dance Project, The Black College Dance
Exchange, and the Legacies concert of the American College Dance Festival
in Boulder, Co and is respected nationally as one of the great traditional hip-
hop teachers. Larry is currently Co-Artistic Director of The Grass Roots
Project under the direction of Rennie Harris.

The Workshops:


Friday, 2-3:30 pm

Saidi Sass with Khadijah

Saturday, 2-3:30pm

Raqs al Baladi/Shaaabi with Khadijah

Sunday, 9am-12pm

Khaleeji dance 101 with Khadijah

Donna Mejia

Friday LUNCH LECTURE 12:30P-2P First Steps: Understanding the Hidden Privileges in our Practices

Friday, 3:30p-5p Silvestre Technique 

Saturday, 9a-12p Loaded Soul-Twisted Funk AKA “I Eat Beats for Breakfast" 

Sunday, 2p-3:30p Swelling to the Surface: Breath and Body 

Larry Southhall

Friday, 9am-12p  Hip-hop Proper

Saturday, 12:30p-2p LUNCH LECTURE : The history and development of hip hop culture and its transformation into the global entity it is now.

Saturday, 3:30p-5p House with Larry Southall:

House, a style that originated in Chicago and New York. People originally danced this style at clubs.



Sunday, 12:30-2p LUNCH LECTURE Marketing and Branding: 

Marketing & Branding is often the artistic entrepreneur's least favorite part of what they do. It can make you feel unfulfilled & even worse, inauthentic to your art. Have no fear, all you need are these easy instructions and clear steps to help you understand who you are as an entrepreneur, why you want to reach others & most importantly how to reach your target audience.


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